The Millen house, Collectible design and art


Founded in 2021 by architect, collector and curator Niek Schoenmakers, The Millen House forms a dialogue between works of 20th century and contemporary art and collectible design.


In our gallery space in Amsterdam Houthavens we showcase a curated collection with a diverse range of art and design, reflecting our passion for aesthetics, craftsmanship, and the stories behind each piece.

In our concept HOUSEGUEST we give way for the creative industry to experiment, reflect and intervene with our collection and space.
The Millen House is open by appointment.



We kick-off the new summer season with a special exhibition, a collaboration between NL CONTEMPORARY, WTC The Hague Art Gallery and The Millen House. We proudly present DREAMLAND

DREAMLAND is an oasis amid the turbulence of our times, offering a sanctuary of beauty and practicality. This exhibition seamlessly blends art, product design and applied art, transcending the conventional boundaries of each medium. Here, functional furniture, objects, and artworks converge, creating a harmonious world where dreams transform into reality. In DREAMLAND, the realm of possibilities is limitless, inviting new connections and inspiring creativity. Prepare to explore a collection of captivating, evocative, and beautiful pieces that invite you to envision a world where imagination and reality coexist.

Join us for the opening on June 13th from 16.00-20.00h
Prinses Beatrixlaan 582 Den Haag

Works by:
Maria Gruppelaar, Greet Weitenberg, Sjang Niederwieser, Feddow Claassen, Francois Bonnel, Rutger de Regt, Natasja Alers, SOM Tales of perfume, Mik Bakker, WhiteNoiseDaDa & more


Houseguest #2: Greet Weitenberg

 Titled “Welcome to My Happy World,” the exhibition will showcase Weitenberg’s captivating works from 12th April 2024 to 12th May 2024 in a site specific installation.

In a departure from conventional exhibition practices, Greet Weitenberg will create a new site-specific, immersive installation at The Millen House, using individual artworks. This innovative approach promises to envelop visitors in an interactive environment, inviting them to engage with her art on a deeply personal level and challenging traditional boundaries between artist and audience.

The Millen House