Ceramics by Jan Van der Vaart

jan van der vaart


The Millen House is pleased to announce CHASING FORMS, a show dedicated to the work of iconic ceramist Jan van der Vaart in dialogue with other ceramic works (including WC Brouwer, Rutger de Regt, Mart de Houwer& Klaas Kuiken). On view are works by Van der Vaart from the period 1965-2000. This body of work is exemplary for Van der Vaarts’ signature approach to clay: twisting, distortion and experimenting with geometric shapes.


The Millen House is pleased to present CHASING FORMS, a curated online selection of works by the influential Dutch ceramist Jan Van der Vaart (1931-2000), exploring his approach to process & form.

The exhibition includes 14 iconic pieces by this revolutionary Dutch designer, placed in dialogue with other contemporary and historical ceramic pieces. They represent the way Van der Vaart arrived at his unique forms: pulling, twisting & adding of geometric shapes, influenced by the De Stijl. Highly collectible, his works have become increasingly popular in recent years with collectors and museums.

Made in the period 1965-2000 we fell in love with their diversity and timeless modernity, which make these unique and limited edition pieces a great addition to any interior or collection.

All the items are for sale.

Jan van der Vaart


Van der Vaart's work is clear in form, focused on the utilitarian and undecorated, in tradition of De Stijl. Vases were his preference, both in turning, construction or casting technique. His designs are angular, simple and sober: straight lines with gently sliding or sloping surfaces. His work is distinguished by the special tinted glazes he applied to his objects, mainly the bronze-colored glaze. But his white vases, with geometric shapes, are equally regarded as his trademark. His work is influenced by foreign ceramists like Hans Copers and Lucie Rie. Jan Van der Vaart arrived at a new and influential style, shipping the landscape of Dutch ceramics for later generations.

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