Andre van der vossen


andre van der vossen the millen house

Andre van der Vossen is an undiscovered artist from The Netherlands.

André van der Vossen (1893 – 1963) was a Dutch graphic designer, painter and draftsman. He is born in Haarlem in 1893. Although Van der Vossen was modest about his work, he was involved in almost all important events of the VRIJE BEELDEN Images and CREATIE GROEP in the Netherlands.

 He started his education in 1915 at the School of Architecture, Decorative Arts and Craftsmanship in Haarlem. Shortly after the war he was influenced by Klee and Kandinsky and in 1948 he started painting in an abstract style and in 1949 he participated in the Salon des Realités Nouvelles, which he continued until 1956. The Salon des Réalités Nouvelles is an association of artists and an art exhibition in Paris, focusing on abstract art. In 1946 the Salon was officially established as a successor to Abstraction-Création by Fredo Sidès, and its first board included Jean Arp, Sonia Delaunay and Albert Gleizes as members.

Late Career

Since 1947 he has been producing abstract art, which ranged from strictly geometric to abstract expressionist. He therefore has a very versatile oeuvre. In 1950, together with Willy Boers and others, he founded the CREATIE GROEP. Van der Vossen made Oil paintings, gouaches and collages, mainly geometric but later also in more tangible forms. Van der Vossen had many exhibitions in Paris, the Salon Réalités Nouvelles, The Hague, Brussels and Amsterdam. He died in Overveen in 1963.

andre van der vossen drawing the Millen House


1893_Born in Haarlem  (NL)
1963_Dies on May 17th 1963 at the age of 70.

1999_Dies on April 24th 1999 at the age of 68 as a result of pancreas cancer.

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