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Joan Miro original etching grands Rupestres The Millen House

Discover a world where art, design, and vintage treasures intertwine at The Millen House. As a gallery and online shop, we curate a selection of collectible design pieces, vintage items, and artworks. In 2021, we opened our exhibition space and private viewing room in Amsterdam city centre, where we showcase a curated collection with a diverse range of art and design, reflecting our passion for aesthetics, craftsmanship, and innovation. We also provide a platform for upcoming artists and designers. Stay up to date with our newsletter for upcoming shows, gallery exhibitions, and exciting collaborations. Visit The Millen House Amsterdam gallery and experience a hidden gem that blends the old with the new, the conventional with the unconventional. Open by appointment.



blending styles, centuries & textures

Since 2011, founder of The Millen House, Niek Schoenmakers, has combined modern art, interior objects and collectable design. The Millen House presents a curated selection of items that Niek wants to share his passion for. The Millen House believes in the narrative. That’s why we present amazing objects with a story. Like the Martavan jar. Pots like these were used in the 16th & 17th century by the VOC on their travels to the East. This item was found whilst diving off the shore of Oostend, Belgium, barnacles and all. But we think it looks perfectly modern paired with contemporary ceramics or placed a mid-century table. We want to inspire and provoke, thats why The Millen House shows unique items in unusual and unconventional combinations. A website for inspiration and sourcing for interior professionals, dealers and private collectors. All items on The Millen House ship worldwide. Follow us @themillenhouse on instagram for more inspiration.

Brutalist seventies sculpture in light wood
Creative direction & aesthetic guidance

With a collectors passion combined with a background in architecture founder of The Millen House, Niek Schoenmakers, loves to find the perfect piece for your collection whilst also guiding you through your interior project. Niek acts as creative director and interior architect on large scale commercial projects or private renovations. Niek is able to handpick items for their story, material expression and spatial impact and place them in the context of your home. Niek also works as freelance curator and design publicist for interior magazines and publications.

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