Edmond Vandercammen, surrealist drawing


Rare original work by Edmond Vandercammen, a Belgian painter and poet of French expression.

Edmond Vandercammen (1901-1980) was born in Ohain, Belgium in 1901. He then studied from 1921 to 1924 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. He took an active part in the Belgian avant-garde for about fifteen years. In the 1920s he exhibited in Paris with his friend Pierre-Louis Flouquet at the Povolovsky Gallery. In 1927 he exhibited in Paris with Constantin Brancusi. In 1929 he took part in the exhibition on abstract art. He collaborated with Revue 7 Arts with other artists such as Magritte and founded the Journal des Poètes with Flouquet in 1930. Best known as a poet, his artistic work went unnoticed until the early 1980s. In 1981, the Bortier gallery in Brussels organized a retrospective of his paintings. In 1987 the De Jonckeere gallery, also in Brussels, organized another exhibition. The style of his paintings is typical of the Belgian school of modern painting. His first works are of a cubist and colorful style, later his painting approaches surrealism, but retains cubist elements and memories of traditional African art.

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“Abstract composition”, signed

| DIMENSIONS    h 51 cm w 43 cm d 2 cm
| PERIOD   1920s
| PROVENANCE   private collection, BE
| MATERIALS   ink on paper in modern frame
| CONDITION    in good vintage condition
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