Greet Weitenberg, textile artwork “The Eye”


In her artistic exploration, Greet Weitenberg delves into a perpetual quest for her envisioned realm. Her inquiries range from pondering her connection to the transient figures passing by her studio in the heart of Amsterdam, to scrutinizing the essence of urban existence and confronting the challenges of societal polarization. Through this introspection, she navigates various mediums, whether it be photography, drawing, collage, or their amalgamation, to probe and articulate her queries. Each project, spanning months or even years, remains an ongoing endeavor, ever-evolving with new additions and insights.

For the past three years, Weitenberg has turned her focus to textiles as a means to interrogate the individual’s stance within a society marked by polarization, rigidity, and individualism—an examination that has gained heightened relevance in the backdrop of recent global events, including the COVID-19 pandemic and escalating conflicts worldwide.

In her current project, “Welcome To My Happy World,” she invites audiences into a vibrant realm where textiles take center stage. Here, the softness of yarns and wool assumes a pivotal role, serving as a counterpoint to the harshness of the external world. Through intricate textile works characterized by cheerful colors and organic shapes, Weitenberg uses textiles as storytellers, offering nuanced reflections amidst the prevailing polarization.

Among her creations, “The Eye” emerges as a standout piece, initially conceived as part of a larger textile mask project. Evolving into an autonomous artwork, it retains its connection to its origins while asserting its individuality with a title that nods to its inception.

In Weitenberg’s artistic journey, textiles become not just materials but conduits for introspection and expression, offering a refuge of warmth and softness amidst the tumult of contemporary existence. Welcome to her world—an oasis of color, texture, and contemplation.

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“The Eye”signed with label and signed 

| DIMENSIONS    various
| PERIOD   2000s / 2023
| PLACE OF ORIGIN   The Netherlands
| PROVENANCE   Directly from the artist
| MATERIALS   Hand made passement in wool and cotton
| CONDITION    in new condition
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Please note: This is a unique vintage item and has trace of use/storage and may have cracks/loss of paint.
Artworks are hard to photograph, we tried to get the colors to match the actual artwork. However, some differences may occur. Please take a close look to the photos.

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