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‘Mommy I made an ashtray’ is a collection of brightly coloured ceramic objects. The idea behind the collection goes back to De regts earliest experiences of working with clay: 

‘As children we are able to use our intuition, playfulness from a naive point of view’. Rutger wanted to use this mindset to translate this childlike imagery of working with clay into large scale ceramic  objects. And in order to do so, developed a new clay building technique based on his inventive balloon sculpting process. The title ‘Mommy I made an ashtray’ refers to the time I was asked to make an ashtray for fathers day.  By turning large scale ceramic objects into multifunctional ashtray’s, I want to advocate the freedom to question all conventions, as conventions should serve instead of restrict us’, we need the freedom to find our own truth with an open mind and an open heart.’



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“Metamorphosis”Signed & dated with stamp

| DIMENSIONS   Height: x  cm / dia x cm
| PERIOD   2023
| PLACE OF ORIGIN   The Netherlands
| PROVENANCE   directly from the artist
| MATERIALS   recycled plastic
| CONDITION    in new condition
| We ship worldwide and fully insured, more information here.

Please note: This is a unique vintage item and has trace of use/storage and may have cracks/loss of paint.
Artworks are hard to photograph, we tried to get the colors to match the actual artwork. However, some differences may occur. Please take a close look to the photos.

This item was chosen for its unique style and quality.
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