Sandra Keja Planken Ode Al Mar, Coral Floral mini vessel

Sandra Keja Planken is Dutch autonomous autodidact designer & artist, whose designs lie between art and design. She works in various fields from limited editions, installations, public spaces, interiors, tapestry, collectibles to glass. Her work is s rebellious, sustainable, humorous, tactile, abstract and artistic. With a multidisciplinary focus she creates works, art and spaces that are about the relationship between people, nature, materials and the natural behavior of mankind. Anthropomorphic tactility mixed with fantasy forms from the human psyche after her heroes Dali and Gaetano Pesce. Keja Planken processes her feelings and messages in uniquely recognizable wall hangings, objects and spaces that make you part of the work and her fascination for natural landscapes. Her latest pieces bring to mind puffy cumulus nature forms, like some kind of landscape or coral growing at the bottom of the sea. I “I need the sea because it teaches me how to be best I can be.” 


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“ODE AL MAR, Coral Floral Mini vessel”Signed

| DIMENSIONS   20 x 30
| PERIOD   2023
| PLACE OF ORIGIN   The Netherlands
| PROVENANCE   directly from the artist
| MATERIALS   handblown glass
| CONDITION    in new condition
| We ship worldwide and fully insured, more information here.

Please note: This is a unique vintage item and has trace of use/storage and may have cracks/loss of paint.
Artworks are hard to photograph, we tried to get the colors to match the actual artwork. However, some differences may occur. Please take a close look to the photos.

“The collectibles appear to be morphing or moving, ever changing.  They tickle your brain and calm  through shape, texture and colors. Sandra’s vivid imagination of the unraveling of material form and her thoughts captured in bold colors, various materials, treatments, textures and techniques make you part of her work. With a human-centric touch to evoke stimulation of your own imagination.

Sandra creates her new pieces by painting, collage and implementing 3D techniques. These shapes  are translated in her handmade yarns, tapestry landscape & glass vessels. Their forms invite people to engage with them rather than just look at them. “The fact that you would touch them, use them, talk to them or move them adds another element of interest,” she said. The strange feeling of familiarity is being traced back to her own life experiences. As an adult she celebrates the strength of all textures, stories and differences in life, which make life much more interesting and richer, she said. Ultimately, her “little Omen’s as nature, universe and life forms,” as she called them, are an appeal for “open-mindedness, sensory play and looking forward”. They are meant to be hopeful, she said.” (Sandra Keja Planken, 2023)

The act of making

Sandra Keja Planken TUFTS a piece from textile yarns.

This item was chosen for its unique style and quality.
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