Sjang Niederwieser Volare S3 purperheart


jang Niederwieser has produced a lighting series to highlight an interplay of new and old techniques. Created with 3D-printed shapes and copper wire that also acts as a conductor of electricity, the design sees knitted cylinders of pure silk float in an PurpleHeart frame by the use of tension. Single LEDs are soldered one by one to the copper wire, becoming part of the object and making the lamp itself an electric circuit. The process of making is conducted completely in-house with no external manufacturers involved – the Volare S3 PurpleHeart is made using 3D printers and hand knitting machines, with the rest carefully assembled by hand.Purpleheart is an strong and durable type of wood, found in Mexico and Brazil. Purpleheart slowly, over time, changes its color to violet purple and eventually to deep purple.




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“VOLARE S3 purpleheart “Signed 

| DIMENSIONS   150 x 40 x 40 cm
| PERIOD   2023
| PLACE OF ORIGIN   The Netherlands
| PROVENANCE   directly from the artist
| MATERIALS   silk, LED, purple heart wood, copper wire
| CONDITION    in new condition
| We ship worldwide and fully insured, more information here.

Please note: This is a unique vintage item and has trace of use/storage and may have cracks/loss of paint.
Artworks are hard to photograph, we tried to get the colors to match the actual artwork. However, some differences may occur. Please take a close look to the photos.

VOLARE is made from purpleheart, 3-d knitted silk and copper. Sjang Niederweiser ASSEMBLES a floor lamp.


This item was chosen for its unique style and quality.
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