In September 2022 Amsterdam-based The Millen House unveils its opening show featuring new works by upcoming designers next to vintage artworks and objects.

Making a home is nuanced by objects and their placement in space through articulation, association and activation. A continuous dialogue between object, material and space evokes feelings beyond our everyday comprehension. In a series of chapters The Millen House leaves room for new interpretations of vintage art, furniture and objects by mixing styles, ages and heritage.

On view from 16 September until 13 November 2022, the show ’SNAKES IN WONDERLAND’ is the first chapter in this curated series. The show will exhibit art & objects placed in a fictional landscape evoking playful interactions.

Snakes in Wonderland included the works of Maarten Baas, Ernst Vijlbrief, Mart de Houwer, Rutger de Regt, Barbara Hepworth, Jean Arp,  Andre van der Vossen, Verner Panton, Isaac monte, Klaas Kuiken, Gert Wessels, SOM Tales of Perfume, Annemarie Gerritsen, a Boli,  Mart de Houwer, Jean Bilquin, Dirk vander Kooij , Venini and Sandra Keja Planken.