The Art Of Making

North Sea Jazz Art

From July 7-9 2023, The Millen House was part of the Art Fair at North Sea Jazz Festival together with other leading Dutch art galleries. We brought a selection of old and new works by famous and upcoming talents, revolving round the physical act of creating art.


The curated presentation challenged the conventional fair presentation, ignoring the style,  medium form period and thus leaving room for new connections. The Art of Making included the works of Maarten Baas, Ernst Vijlbrief, Mart de Houwer, Henry Heerup, Rutger de Regt, Marina Abramovic, Paul Talman, Sjang Niederwieser, Ella Koopman, Andre van der Vossen and Sandra Keja Planken. Its the same believe we share with North Sea Jazz, blending different styles, talents and to leave room for new discoveries.


Focus on talent

In addition to our curated booth presentation, Sandra Keja Planken was selected for the TALENT selection with her work “Ode Al Mar, Floral Coral”.

One of Rutger de Regts large new planters took a prominent place in the NO WALLS presentation.