Freeform collage by Dutch artist André van der Vossen


A unique freeform collage in paper by Dutch artist André van der Vossen (1893 – 1963). The intuitively ripped black paper is glued to a white background, signed with a monogram. The work is framed in a simple period box frame.


| H: 73 cm/28.74“ | W: 104 cm/40.95“ | D: 3 cm/1.18“ incl boxframe
| Period: 1950’s
| Materials: paper on cardboard in original box frame
| Condition: In good vintage condition
| Place of Origin: The Netherlands


André van der Vossen (1893 – 1963) was a Dutch graphic designer, painter and draftsman. He started his education in 1915 at the School of Architecture, Decorative Arts and Craftsmanship in Haarlem. In 1948 he started painting in an abstract style and in 1949 he participated in the Salon des Realités Nouvelles until 1956. The Salon des Réalités Nouvelles is an association of artists and an art exhibition in Paris, focusing on abstract art. In 1946 the Salon was officially established as a successor to Abstraction-Création by Fredo Sidès, and its first board included Jean Arp, Sonia Delaunay and Albert Gleizes as members. André van der Vossen was a prolific artist and made numerous drawings and collages. His unique oeuvre and still quite unrecognised.