Mart de Houwer, Minimalist sculpture in aluminium


A unique minimalist sculpture by Belgian artist Mart de Houwer (1931-1999) in solid aluminium. Originally the artist placed this work on a black wooden base, but the configuration and base are up to the viewer. The estate of Mart de Houwer, including drawings, paintings and sculptures, is represented by Niek Schoenmakers


| H: XX cm / XX inches | W: XX cm / XX inches | D: XX cm / XX inches
| Period: 1980’s
| Materials: aluminium
| Condition: In good vintage condition
| Place of Origin: Belgium


Mart de Houwer (1931-1999) in an artist like no other. With her serene drawings in pencil and ink, and working in a movement dominated by male artists, she carved out a unique place in the art world. In a relatively short artistic career Mart de Houwer dedicated herself to one topic: the line. Over a period of only two decades, from 1979 until her death in 1999, De Houwer created a highly individual oeuvre. Her large drawings, canvasses and sculptures, are like no other. While some of her little drawings consist over 4000 lines, her larger works have close to half a million lines, created over a period of months. Rarely she showed her work to the outside world and if so, never on her own initiative. Thus most of her works stayed in her private possession and were kept in the house and adjacent studio. Only recently her work is rightfully brought to light.

Mart de Houwer followed her own artistic urge, without taking into account whether the artworld was watching with admiring or disapproving looks. Minimal and monochrome, her work has a strong visual power. A quality contrasted by the humble and introvert, almost shy, character of the artist. Made with the utmost concentration and dedication, the pieces are a visual representation of her manual labor. The quiet dedication is almost tangible. art de Houwer’s delicate and serene drawings create moments that lull the viewer into a slowed down gaze of feelings and emotions. A moment to contemplate. The line in all its simplicity, drawn with love, as a way to find balance in a troubled world.


The estate by Mart De houwer is represented by Niek Schoenmakers