Wabi sabi

Wabi Sabi is a concept that originated in Japan—it opposes many typical decoration rules. The idea disregards absolute symmetry, and the need for perfection in everything. More than a decorative style, Wabi Sabi is a philosophy of life; a way of living and perceiving the world, with the aim of peacefully accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay inherent in life. Author Richard R. Powell states in his book ``The Wabi Sabi cultivates all that is authentic by recognising three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is complete and nothing is perfect.``</p> <p>Perfection in Imperfection</p> <p>In decoration, this style seeks to value materials in their most real, pure and honest version. It seeks to maintain a minimalist aesthetic and adds warmth to interiors via rustic materials and objects that tell a story. Author Andrew Juniper says, ``If an object or expression can provoke in us a feeling of serene melancholy and spiritual longing, then that object can be considered wabi-sabi.``</p> <p>” I wanted to create a different type of online gallery, one that reflects my own interior style and love for story telling. It is a place to browse, purchase and get inspiration for your own home.”

Zanotta chair The Millen House


While there is no literal translation of Wabi Sabi, if we analyse it well, Wabi derives its meaning from the root 'wa', which refers to peace, harmony and balance. In the zen spirit, the Wabi person is the one who is able to find happiness in the little things, who is free from anger and greed and who understands the wisdom of nature. Sabi means ``flower of time``, which refers to the natural flow of time, decay, degradation and the understanding that beauty is ephemeral. The combination of the two is the essence of philosophy: the beauty of the imperfect and respect for the passage of time.

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