The Millen House, gallery and project space in Amsterdam, is thrilled to announce the upcoming solo exhibition of acclaimed artist Greet Weitenberg. Titled ``Welcome to My Happy World,`` the exhibition will showcase Weitenberg's captivating works from 12th April 2024 to 4th May 2024 in a site specific installation. Greet Weitenberg possesses a remarkable ability to capture profound moments of temporal being in her art, infusing her creations with a rich tapestry of color and vitality. Weitenberg's ongoing project, ``Welcome to My Happy World!,`` offers a poignant reflection on the societal polarization exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Inspired by the need for joy, vitality, and unity in those challenging times, she explores the softness and warmth of yarn, crafting whimsical textile works adorned with organic shapes and in cheerful hues.


Through intricate textile works characterized by cheerful colors and organic shapes, Weitenberg uses textiles as storytellers, offering nuanced reflections. In particular, works such as “Monday,” “Wednesday,” and “Friday” capture the relentless rhythm of the modern-day “rat race,” symbolized by the weekly cycle of workdays. Employing the passementerie technique of twisting rope, Weitenberg imbues these pieces with a sense of softness and fluidity, where colors intertwine in a cyclical dance. In Weitenberg’s artistic journey, textiles become not just materials but conduits for introspection and expression, offering a refuge of warmth and softness amidst the tumult of contemporary existence. Welcome to her world—an oasis of color, texture, and contemplation.

In a departure from conventional exhibition practices, Greet Weitenberg will create a new site-specific, immersive installation at The Millen House, using individual artworks. This innovative approach promises to envelop visitors in an interactive environment, inviting them to engage with her art on a deeply personal level and challenging traditional boundaries between artist and audience.

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/ Date: 12/04/2024 in presence of the artist
/ Time: 17:00-20:00

/ Date: 12/05/2024 in presence of the artist
/ Time: 15:00-17:00

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Greet Weitenberg

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